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type: Lift Kit
Vendor: Ready LIFT


Max Lift: 2.0"F-2.0"R - Max Tire Size: 35".
Equal to 4" lift on standard Tundra. 2015-2017.
For use on 2015-16 Tundra TRD Pro w/ Bilstein shocks. Retains use of the factory Bilstein shocks.


NEW- ReadyLIFT® TRD Pro Plus 2" Lift Kit Now Available For 2015-UP Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Trucks!

ReadyLIFT® is proud to now offer a popular SST Lift kit for the new TRD Pro trucks. Our TRD Pro Plus 2 Lift Kit provides 2" of front lift to the TRD Pro suspension that comes factory with 2" of lift. This equates to a 4" lift height on standard Tundra trucks. The overwhelming popularity of our standard 4" SST Lift Kits fueled the neccessity to engineer a similar proven popular kit for the TRD Pro.

Note: For use only on 2015-17 Tundra TRD Pro w/ Bilstein shocks.

The ReadyLIFT 69-5420 Pro Plus 2 lift kit is packed full of great features starting with our DOM steel tube upper Control Arms,Shop All Parts with extended duty ball joints and tough greaseable urethane bushings. These Control Arms,Shop All Parts are designed to retain OEM ball joint angles while also providing neccessary strut/coil over clearance during suspension droop cycling. The 2" of front lift is achieved with our proprietary CNC machined billet aluminum top hat replacements. These spacers replace the factory hat on the strut with a new, thicker hat which provides 2" of lift without altering the existing 2" of lift that comes from the factory. Differential drop spacers and skid plate spacers with new hardware are also included as are new rear shock extensions and front bump stop extensions. But that's not all!!

This kit includes OEM style 2.0" rear lift blocks and new u-bolts to bring the back of Tundra trucks up for a really nice and level but lifted stance. To allow you to retain use of the factory Bilstein rear shocks, we include shock stem extensions which lengthen the shocks without changing the compressed or extended length of the shock. No details were skipped with this kit! We even include new front sway bar frame mount spacers and extensive skid plate spacers designed to work with the factory TRD Pro skid plate. Brake line bracket extensions are included to maximize the true professionalism of this kit. Easy to install in approximately 3 hours and fully capable of retaining OEM alignment geometry figures. Unlike other kits, the ReadyLIFT TRD Pro Plus 2 Lift Kit system requires no cutting or strut spring pre-loading and installs quickly and safely using the provided heavy-duty hardware. Quality step-by-step instructions are provided with every kit.

ReadyLIFT® 69-5420 Tundra TRD Pro Plus 2 Lift Kit Features

  • Keeps your factory ride - Guaranteed
  • Will never wear, break or fail - Guaranteed
  • Toughest finish – Guaranteed
  • Safest way to lift - Guaranteed
  • Strong DOM powdercoated tube steel upper Control Arms,Shop All Parts with new ball joints and bushings.
  • Precison crafted CNC machined billet aluminum top hat replacement spacers designed to provide 2" of lift without compromizing the factory 2" of lift.
  • Kit includes differential drop brackets which lowers the differential on 4WD models. This keeps the near factory CV angle specifications that Toyota built into these great trucks.
  • New powdercoated sway bar frame mount spacers to keep your sway bar working properly.
  • Skid Plate Spacers provided to adjust the TRD Pro skid plate down when using differential drop brackets.
  • E-coated finish on the strut extensions, rear blocks and u-bolts will last as long as your Toyota.
  • Includes shock stem extensions to extend the mounting length of the factory Bilstein rear shocks.
  • Model-specific rear blocks are designed FOR the Toyota Tundra. These are not universal blocks. These are OEM-equivalent tapered cast iron rear blocks just like the factory would make. 

    Professional installation time is estimated at approximately three-four hours. An alignment will be necessary upon completion of installing the kit. Like all other ReadyLift kits, the Tundra TRD Pro Plus 2 lift kit is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

Alows for up to 35x12.50 Max on a 9" wide wheel with +12 offset. Some minor trimming may be necessary on Pro Plus 2 kit depending on the tire design.

35" tires may required minor modifications to the skid plate depending on the tire tread design.

Tire Fitment

35" Maximum tire diameter

35x12.50 for no rub on a 9" wide wheel with +12 offset

17" - 35X12.5R17

18" - 315/70R18

20" - 295/65R20 / 325/60R20

22" - 35X12.5R22

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